Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Site Critique #2


Moodstream is a pretty was a pretty fun website to navigate. The website is pretty easy to navigate, its purpose is to show you different sounds and images depending on what mood you are in. It is supposed to help you brainstorm by showing you different images, sounds, or footage. So if you felt sad, serious, nostalgic, or warm you can adjust a bar to the amount of emotion you feel and they will show you a set of images and sounds that go with that particular feeling according to the website.

The main page of the site pretty much stays the same it doesn’t change at all except for when you click the button to start streaming. When the next page shows up the different controls with mood slidders. There is also a “moodboard” where you can save different clips of a particular mood.

The colors, images, and sounds in the background change depending on what mood you pick to view. The typography pretty much stays the same all the time. I guess it does have hierarchy since the main menus where you change your mood are on top and at easy access.

I think this site is mostly for entertainment, and it serves its purpose to show you images and sounds according to your mood.

I would say since the site is so easy to use there probably isn’t an age group that is limited to its use.

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